I need help welcoming fall...

I know I am supposed to be slipping on my chunky sweaters and boots and singing the praises of pumpkins and cider but I am NOT there yet.  I want to ring out every last minute of Summer.  This time of year I start to gently remind myself of little things I love about the coming season.  I think about bonfires (better on the beach!) and rediscovering the back of my closet full of warm clothes (I'd rather wear a tank top!) and any other (futile!) attempt to lure me into welcoming fall.

But... then I remember shoots like this one.  Cool enough for rosy cheeks and sweaters but warm enough to be outside as long as we want to be.  Colors popping up in unexpected places and beautiful families at play.   If you aren't quite ready for Fall let's have one last summer shoot!  If you are in full on fall mode - help me transition! I have opened up extra spaces next weekend to try to squeeze out the last little bit of summer OR maybe remind myself that Fall in Minnesota really is a stunner. Get in touch and we'll make some great photos of your favorite season.

First Day of School! TIME FLIES

The first day of school has always had such magic.  As a kid, later as a teacher, even as a freelancer, I always feel the unique mix of excitement and nerves that are present at the start of something brand new!  In the past few years I have started to see a side of the first day I hadn't noticed before: The Parents.  The mix of relief and sadness as another summer ends and their littles climb the impossibly big steps onto that school bus. "When did they get so big?" "How is my baby in kindergarden?!" "When did he get taller than us?"

So! Here's to new beginnings! Here's to the bittersweet milestones!  Here's to the kiddos that have stolen our hearts.  Happy First Day to all the littles out there!  Get in touch this fall and we'll do our best to freeze this moment in time!