I am filled with gratitude that everyday I get to be inspired by my work.  Because I feel like I won the life-lottery I love to give back.  Nothing makes me more excited that helping a cause that I believe in.  When you book a wedding, I will donate a portion of your wedding investment to a part of our community that we both believe in.

Are you a world-saving couple? I’d love to give back to YOU!

Each year I donate one wedding to a couple I believe has a beautiful story to tell. 

Maybe you have chosen meaningful work over a big paycheck, maybe you have faced a great obstacle together, maybe you are simply working hard to make the world a beautiful place.  If you think you may be that couple get in touch and tell me all about it!



Check out some of the great causes I am excited about or choose your own and I will make a donation in honor of the new life you are starting together!

Human trafficking

At-risk youth

Racial Reconciliation

Art in impoverished communities

African development

Environmental healing

Animal protection