A LOT OF LOVE (In case you need a little extra this election day!) -- Portrait Photography

I LOVE election day.  I am secretly very patriotic.  I believe in the ideal America and I am so honored to cast a vote here.  I know this election is fraught with anxiety for a lot of us so I am adding extra Joy and Love and Smiles and Hugs to your facebook feed today with this portrait photography.  So, Enjoy...then GO VOTE!  (Find your polling place and sample ballot here)

(Working on these two got me through today and inspired this blog post! So much LOVE!)

(Working on these two got me through today and inspired this blog post! So much LOVE!)

portrait photography
portrait photography

Anna and Bryan's Orchard Wedding Will Warm Your Heart

In this frozen season I often find myself longing for spring.  I want to grab my keys, slip on shoes and leave the house unbundled to meet a cheerful sunny day.  When things get really bad (Hello, March in Minnesota!) I find myself sipping tea and pouring over images of gorgeous spring weddings.  Wanna Join me?

Nothing says Spring like an Apple Orchard!  Anna is the life-long friend of my partner so when this fantastic woman found Bryan I was thrilled.  She is a beautiful, authentic, intentional woman and I knew her wedding day would be all of those things.   When she sent me a beautiful email asking me to be her photographer (with a generous wide-open 'out' in case I wanted to “just be a guest”)  I couldn’t say “YES” Fast enough! 

Anna and Bryan were married at Bryan's Uncle’s Apple Orchard on a picture perfect day surrounded by all the people they love.  So, get cozy, grab a honeycrisp and take a stroll through their sunny, oh-so-warm day!